Monday, December 07, 2009

A mystery of life

At the store the other day, Red Delicious apples were $1/pound. Except you could buy a 8lb bag for $3.

Wonderful, isn't it?


Phelps said...

Ahh, but you get to pick which ones make up your pound if you don't buy the bag. So really, the bet is, do you think that the bag contains three pounds of apples that are as good as the ones that you would pick?

Firehand said...

That's the nice thing about it: clear bag, so you can look them over a bit.

And so far, yes.

Sigivald said...

Well, lots of people only want a pound of apples.

If the other seven pounds would go to waste, the fact that the marginal cost for them is about 30 cents doesn't make much difference...

Bulk discounts are funny that way.

(Also, it's possible that they had different sources and were thus quite possibly different ages and qualities.)

Anonymous said...

Did you go to Meijer's? I just bought some HUGE red delicious apples for $1/lb.

Phil said...

Here is Washington, some of the big reds are damn near a pound each.

This fall I went to buy some for lunch and 1.48lbs of apples was exactly 2 apples. Pretty much a meal in and of themselves.

Bagged apples are for baking/applesauce/other cooking adventures.

Firehand said...

Sig, I understand and I'm not griping about it; just saying 'interesting how some of these deals work'.

Fire, no Meijer's around here. Usual price for RD apples here is $.99/pound.

And yeah, some of them are pretty big, though not THAT big. Bag I got, they've been pretty good so far.

Know what I miss? Winesaps. Haven't seen them here in a couple of years.