Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Well, THAT was interesting

Hit the range today(indoor, and yes, it was cold) and put about 200 rounds through the M&P15-22, and some .45acp downrange. This evening I opened up the rifle, wiped it out, cleaned the bolt and lubed the rails, reassembled, pulled back the charging handle and released.


Whiskey tango foxtrot?!? What the hell was THAT?

Pulled back the bolt and there's a spring loose in there! It seems when the bolt dropped the extractor exited for parts unknown. I still can't find it.

Looks like there'll be a call to Smith & Wesson in the morning.


Keith said...


Sounds like you've got an infestation of workshop goblins.

Nasty little buggers, you'll never see one if you're looking for them, but drop something on the floor, and you can be sure one of them will be there to catch it and hide it far away.

Found an interesting looking place on the Bishop's blogroll, it isn't light reading, but it is good stuff for occasional visits:

I'm on the road for a few days, and hopefully I'll get round to causing some lead pollution.
Take care


Firehand said...

Just as I was starting to box it up I took one more look, and Lo! There it was!

Kind of like the firing pin stop a year or so ago, damn thing disappeared and then reappeared somewhere I'd already looked.

So I was able to send it and the spring along, maybe they'll see what caused the failure.