Monday, December 07, 2009

On some things, I give up

I mentioned once before a friend who's a True Believer in AGW(All the REAL scientists believe, etc.) Well, couple of days ago I decided to violate my 'never mention the subject again' rule because I thought the stuff coming out on the fraud was just too important to not pass on.


Apparently out of the whole damn piece I linked to her the only thing worthy of notice was something near the bottom from a AGW clown that "most scientists agree", etc. Oh, and running 'round the net looking for info = "You live in an oil run media" etc. ad bullshit. I'd never have believed it, but she actually believes the 'Oil companies run everything' conspiracy crap.

I give up.


Unknown said...

Sounds like what you have there is a disciple of 'Government by Wishful Thinking of which you link recently?

     Hey Firehand, on another note?   Maybe you'd be closer to success trying to teach a pig to sing?   Of course, I mean no insult intended to any of the affected party's, BTW.   ;-)

Firehand said...

It's kind of scary, actually. She managed to look through the whole damn thing about faked data and so forth, and the only thing that counted was the "Most scientists agree" crap defense.

Just damn. And she used to be a teacher.

Yeah, I surrendered; said "Nevermore will I write to you about this". It was damn near enough to make me grow feathers when I wrote it.

Sigivald said...

You should point her to the CRU email where they talk about Shell (Royal Dutch Shell, the oil company) supporting them.

The explosion will be fun to watch.

NotClauswitz said...

The thing of it is, there's more money being poured into the green sink-hole in Government TAXES, carbon-trading ponzis, gigantic advertising budgets, and foundations, than the evil Oil Companies can generate.

Firehand said...

Entertaining I don't doubt, Sig; but don't know if I want to put up with the noise.