Sunday, December 06, 2009

Couple of days ago had a post on the Death Tax

Here's some more. In particular, the thoughts of the socialists at Daily Kos:
And the difference between 45% above estates of $3.5 million and 55% of estates above $1 million? An estimated $234 billion in revenue over the next 10 years. That’s the gift which the Congress is giving to the rich, a gift which could pay for healthcare, or to eliminate the budget deficits of all the states, or any number of things which would benefit tens of millions of people, rather than the tiny number of people who are actually affected by this tax.
Note the 'gift' bullshit. So you work your ass off all your life, succeed, and these clowns think that you passing your estate to your family or whoever is a 'gift' the government 'gives' to them.

This is exactly the kind of word-twisting bullcrap I hate: you giving your kids something you worked for is a 'gift from government' if they don't tax the life out of it. And no, I can't spell the sound I made after writing that.

These bastards either do not consider or WILL not consider just what people can do with that money: start a business or invest in one, expand one already there, things that build companies AND MAKE JOBS; I guess they don't consider it a real gain if the government isn't in total control of it.

Look at these two comments:
*Whatever your parents estate is comprised off they acquired those material goods by exploiting a social and economic infrastructure that the society as a whole created. They did not simply take dirt and logs and create 3.5 mil + in assets.

*Somebody must pay– someone has to give up something in order for America to get out of this mess. It has to be the rich. And we in the middle class should force them.
Asshole number one: the vast majority of people who make millionaire in this country start out with little or nothing: they DO build that fortune by hard work. A concept you seem unfamiliar with.
Asshole number two: your attitude of someone else paying for everything is in large part what got us into this mess, and you think further armed robbery and extortion will help? Moron.

This is the kind of crap we're facing: clowns who think they have some divine right to have government loot you if you happen to have more than they do.


Phelps said...

They should feel good every time I give them the gift of not punching them in their stupid hippie faces.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that taxes have already BEEN PAID on that money at least once (and probably more then once)by the people who earned it.

Anonymous said...

C'mon now, I love hippies. Especially the ones that have anti-mining stickers on their Metal. Cars. I just wish they would give me the seeds to grow my own Subaru tree out back.

I love them so much I'm starting to carry a flask to class, just so I can get through without hugging their necks really, really tight when they spouting off in Sociology or whatever shit core classes I have to take for a degree in mining engineering.

My captcha is iNoun. Appropriate.

Keith said...

The answer is simple;

Why should someone bother to get out of bed and work to build up a business, organise employees (if they get that big), jump through all the shitty hoops the bastocrats set up for them, and not be able to leave some of it to their wife and kids?

In future, far more will wonder why they're working so hard, and decide to stop.

All will pay through fewer jobs, lower wages, weaker dollar.