Sunday, December 06, 2009

So it's official: instead of Secret Service, some liberals want

a Praetorian Guard around Pres. Obama.
SCHULTZ: But I think this president deserves more. I think he deserves the absolute best around him. He doesn't deserve a cheaper cut or any less of an attitude and I would even go so far as to think it might not be bad to have politically like-minded people around the president in the Secret Service who would pledge allegiance to make sure that you go beyond the profession of a security that, you know, hey, that's my guy! That's my guy!

I realize that this might be a hard thing for Schultz and others like him to understand, but the Secret Service is, at base, a law enforcement agency of the United States. If agents start acting according to personal political views, they should be fired. That is not their damned job*. I have my problems with some of their actions in the past, but overall the Service Protective Detail is made up of the best they've got, people who are sworn to, if needed, put their life down to protect the people they are guarding. If that's not good enough for you, Mr. Schultz, you can piss off. We've got enough political bullshit messing up law enforcement in this country already without throwing crap like this into the mix.

*And the next step of that would be for the PG to 'protect' the President from being bothered by, oh, other elected officials or any peasantspeople who dare to ask questions or something. I think Schultz would just looove that.


Phelps said...

Well, the initials are already SS, so they wouldn't have to rename them.

Anonymous said...

The late Lyndon Baines Johnson reportedly remarked: "I don't trust a man unless I have his pecker in my pocket!"

Perhaps that's the test for a new (old) era?