Saturday, December 12, 2009

For our Moron of the Day we have Kevin Frink

Willingboro animal control officer Michelle Hamilton is in stable condition at Cooper University Hospital with 32 bite wounds to her back, shoulders and legs.

The incident happened at about 12:20 p.m. Wednesday at a home on Pickwick Lane in Willingboro.

According to officials, the 62-year-old Hamilton responded to the home following a call about two loose dogs.

When Hamilton arrived at the home, she saw a male dog go around the side of the home. When no one answered the door, she tried to secure the male dog in a yard where a female dog also lived.

"There was a hole in the fence that as she went around the side of the house to take a peek, he was already at the hole, charged through the hole and attacked her," Lt. Joseph Dey of the Willingboro Police Department explained
She managed to call for help.
Lt. Dey said the two dogs were shot and killed by arriving officers after coming at them in an "aggressive manner."
Up to this point we have Bad Dog Owner and Bad Dogs; the Moron part comes in now:
Eyewitness News has learned that it is the third time since 2005 that officers have responded to the home for reports about the dogs.

The dogs' owner, Kevin Frink, contends it was the first time his dogs have ever bitten someone. Frink believes the officers did not have to gun down his dogs.

"They became the judge, the jury and prosecutor at that moment," Frink said
Frink is apparently the level of moron who doesn't see that his dogs are not a threat to others, and does not maintain his fence. And he is, by his own words above, the level of moron who seriously deserves his ass kicked.
A: They only get to bite one person, idiot.
B: When they then behave aggressively toward the cops, they get shot.
C: You should be prosecuted. And possibly beaten severely by Hamilton when she's recovered.

I've had two families live next door to me with pit bulls. The first, I would not have trusted those dogs at all; they weren't treated very well(yes, Animal Control was by more than once) and were quite aggressive toward people. The second... they were treated as pets, and I never had to worry about more than the normal 'woof-woof' when I went out, or was mowing. Once I made friendly with them, the woofs were primarily "Hey! I'm over HERE! Munchy?"* Frink apparently either didn't treat them right and/or didn't train them right. Jackass.

*I'll note that after a while, when they saw me pruning trees they'd get real attentive: one day while chopping some stuff up I noticed them watching me. And remembered seeing one of them jumping up to grab a branch and chewing on it. So I cut a couple of pieces about a foot long and a little more than an inch across and walked over to the fence. The female was at the fence(they bred them and kept them apart most of the time), the male on the other side of the yard, both locked on. I held up a stick and said "You want a chew?" The female was practically vibrating when I dropped hers over the fence, and she pounced on it. Tossed the male one and he grabbed it and did that bouncy doggy "I've got a CHEW!" run over to a shady spot. It made them very happy when I was pruning.

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