Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I've got a list of others to test

when I have another pile of jugs:
.45acp with my carry load, 185 grain Gold Dots
.38 Special with a reverse-loaded hollowbase wadcutter
.32 Long with reversed wadcutter
.380 with Hornady FTX bullet
.380, think I've got some Gold Dots around somewhere
.38 Special with hollowpoint semi-wadcutter; the old FBI load is considered very good, I'm wondering if it could be loaded down from +P velocity and still expand.

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Peter said...

Take a look at Buffalo Bore's standard-pressure .38 Special load with a 158gr. LSWC-HP at 850 fps. It's at this link:

They also have a +P version at 1,000 fps - both versions' velocities measured from an actual 2"-barreled snubnose revolver. I carry both rounds (depending on the gun involved).

If BB can do it, I'm sure you could work up a similar load: but I know Tim Sundles (owner of BB) has to put a lot of R&D into each load he develops, to keep the pressure curve within safe limits.