Sunday, April 10, 2011

United Nations and French helicopters

in Ivory Coast fired rockets on strongman Laurent Gbagbo's residence Sunday in retaliation to attacks by his forces on the U.N. headquarters and civilians in recent days, a U.N. official said.
Really? When did the UN get helicopter gunships of its very own?
Two residents from nearby neighborhoods reported seeing two U.N. Mi-24 attack helicopters and one French helicopter open fire on the residence.
Always the possibility of mistaken ID, of course, but you have to wonder.


Atlanta Roofing said...

It doesn’t matter who thinks Gbagbo is a good guy. The international community has spoken. They no longer like him. Fortunately for him, the international community is more focused on the Middle East and his north African neighbors.

SEO Agency said...

It was just a false mistake. And sometimes you can't avoid wondering of what was going on. But before letting other know your thought of what you think is right, you must first bear in mind that you must be a hundred percent sure.