Sunday, April 10, 2011

By the way, does anyone else think stripper shoes

are idiotic?

The platforms with two-three inches in the sole and heels about six/seven inches high? Who thought the damn things up, anyway?

What brought this up was a music video. When they went to digital broadcasting there were a couple of mv channels that appeared around here; I had one on for background noise while doing something and a Beyonce video started; it began with her clomping across a parking lot in a pair of them, and that's exactly what the effect was: clomping like a farmer stepping through a plowed field. Not exactly a thrilling effect. And it reminded me of seeing some lady at a store a few days ago wearing a pair.

I have no problems with ladies in high heels, but these things are idiotic.


Arthur said...

I thought the same thing when giant shoulder pads were the 'in' thing.

WTF would I want a girl to look like an NFL lineman?

Now I guess they're going to the 7' tall NBA all-star look.

AM said...

Two words, "slut shoes"

Sigivald said...

I imagine it was strippers who thought them up.

Makes 'em look taller on the "stage", after all.

I mean, they're called stripper heels for a reason.

Keith said...

I must be out of touch, haven't seen them in real life.

Ugg boots make women look bad enough

Marja said...

I used to read a blog by a stripper (well, at least she claimed to be one... she did post pictures, mostly those 'holding a camera and taking a picture of myself' ones and if it was her she seemed to be a rather pretty young woman), and she had a few posts where she complained about those heels. Seems to have been one of those things, somebody starts to wear them, customers seem to like them, more and more start to wear them until pretty much everybody does. Then they spread to those music videos where a slutty image is wanted.

She also wrote that they are very bad for your feet - most strippers start getting problems after a few years.

Probably do wonders for their balance though. Try dancing in something like that. I did use very high stiletto heels when I was young, they do take practice, and if you add a platform to that... huh. You'd need that pole.