Sunday, April 10, 2011

After posting a bit on Facebook about being sick

of hearing how Republicans and conservatives 'want women and children to DIE!!!', I was informed by someone that
A: Clinton was wonderful and Republicans messed up the wonderful situation he left,
B: Obama is wonderful and all problems of deficits, etc., are the fault of BOOOOSH leaving him two illegal wars to fight, etc.
Apparently it's just not possible for a Democrat or socialist(awful lot of overlap there nowadays) to do ANYTHING bad or wrong. And I'm supposed to stop bitching about things because everything is the fault of people like me...

Yes, I know; I think I'm going to start using Facebook solely for contacting people I know who for some reason don't answer regular e-mails.


Roger said...

The world is full of idiots.
That's just one of them.
Just wait till the debt ceiling limit is up for debate. Then the Idiot tally will grow exponentially!

Keith said...

I'd have no problem with progs, if they didn't expect to force the rest of us onto their bus.

I'd be quite happy to see them like the anarcho-syndicalist commune in The Holy Grail, moving shit with their own hands, it'll never happen though.

You'll like this, Hayek vs Keynes in a rap: