Thursday, April 14, 2011

I haven't been paying attention toJoan Peterson

for quite a while; I gave up arguing with mentally-troubled people for the most part. However, it seems that she and her buttkissers & fellow travelers are throwing names and idiot statements at a number of gunbloggers.

Not getting into this; I'm tired of arguing with people like this, and damned if I'm going to the nuts' Facebook page to argue with her and the other idiots.


TheMinuteman said...

You can't argue on their Facebook page anyway. Initially I was just going to post a comment about not wanting to relive Susana Hupp's Luby's experience but they have implemented reason discourse.

So instead I dropped the response on my blog. Annoyed by that fact I proceeded to vent in the form of a thorough response.

In the previous run in's with Joan I avoided the comments and confrontations. I considered it like wrestling with a pig, you both get dirty and it makes you look stupid. I felt like responding in this case though to knock the wind out of their response so fence sitters would see the lie for what it was.

You're not the only one who gets really annoyed when arguing with people like that, sometimes it's worth just posting a response for someone else to see that may no know the whole story.

Shy Wolf said...

When it comes to people such as Joan P/Japete and MikeB... there's an expression used quite often in comment sections: "DON'T feed the trolls".
Seriously- if no one ever commented there, they'd be leaves in the wind and dry up and blow away. No way is any pro-gun person, or anyone else, is going to change their minds. (I believe that MikeB isn't even an American citizen, yet he tries dictating American policy.)
JoanPete should be locked away in Afghanistan with all her Brady Bunch scum and left to fend for themselves.
I used to comment there, but it made no difference: they don't accept fact as truth, so decided I have better things to do than comment to assholes.