Sunday, April 10, 2011

I should state my opinion of the budget deal:

Screw you, Republican Party. You were promising $100 billion in cuts; now that's all the way down to a lousy $38 billion in a budget with a $1.6 TRILLION deficit with the federal government is still hiring people? And you're all happy and smiling and telling us how wonderful you are?

Screw you twice. There's a reason we call you the Stupid Party.

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Windy Wilson said...

That's not a budget cut, that's a haircut when your doctor says you're morbidly obese and have to lose 200 lbs. I guarantee that a haircut wasn't the first thing Chris Byrne thought of when his doctors said he had to lose weight before he could be operated on.

And the politicians and the brown-nosers (once journalists) won't understand the anger and frustration of the Tea Party, and will try to dismiss it as, "It's my money, I don't have to pay taxes."

Next election, though, it still has to be them, because the Dems have their foot on the accelerator.
If only we had enough discipline as the electorate to vote them out each term and try for new ones.