Thursday, January 07, 2010

You take a kid fishing or to the range or hunting and the PC weenies scream;

the jihadi-minded muslims teach their children to hate and to kill, and those same people don't want to talk about it. Or have anyone else mention it. These miserable bastards have mothers telling other mothers to sacrifice their children for jihad, and our media ignores it. But they'll publish stuff that actually damages the war effort and gets our troops killed, why, that's fine!

Looking over all the videos at Memri TV, something struck me. Remember the scene in 300 where Leonidas is speaking with Xerxes? The emperor says he would kill half his army just to defeat the Spartans; Leonidas says "I would die for any of mine." The palistinians and jihadis are following the old Persian model, it would seem.

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