Sunday, January 03, 2010

Since I was reading Dr. Helen,

also ran across this review of a book, The Little Black Book of Violence. From what I've heard, not just from her, it's largely "This is how things develop, here's how to stay OUT of fights, here's some of the consequences if you get in one and it gets nasty."

I'll throw in something I've picked up over time(and happily, I don't know this particular thing from personal experience): if a fight- the real, down and dirty thing- starts, you've only got two choices:
Break contact and get the hell out, preferably without the jerk and/or friends in hot pursuit,
Or win. Whatever it takes. And that tends to get really nasty. And involves serious injury to one or both involved. And can involve getting arrested and going through the whole mess even in cases of clear self-defense, AND can involve the jerk who started it and lost deciding to sue you for injuries he wouldn't have if he hadn't started the fight in the first place. Etc.

If you've got a young relative- male in particular- this might be a good book for him. There's another which I can't remember the title of, something like 'A Bouncer's Guide' I read a few years back that was very good. I found it at a library and checked it out mostly from curiosity; glad I did. A good half of it was recognizing signs that a situation was going bad, someone was working up to whacking you or sizing you up, ways to defuse it and/or get out before things blew. If I can find the title I'll post it.


GuardDuck said...

One of these two?

A Professional's Guide to Ending Violence Quickly: How Bouncers, Bodyguards, and Other Security Professionals Handle Ugly Situations (Paperback)
~ Marc "Animal" MacYoung

Bouncer's Guide To Barroom Brawling: Dealing With The Sucker Puncher, Streetfighter, And Ambusher (Paperback)
~ Peyton Quinn

I've trained with MacYoung, haven't read his book, but wouldn't hesitate doing so.

Firehand said...

It was the second, thank you!