Monday, January 04, 2010

Remember the milblogger being crapped on due to Jennifer Scott

at the Huntsville School Board being an asshat? And the Army getting involved? And the troop involved getting screwed over for no good reason?

The Army Official Blog put up a statement about this mess, apparently catching heat after the Day of Silence by milbloggers in support of said troop. Let's just say that most people aren't real impressed by it, Kitchen Dispatch having her response here.

I'd say the shortest ways of putting it are these two comments:
Swell. Then fix the situation with CJ and restore him back to his rank and position… and clear his record.

Otherwise, this is just so much hot air
Put your money where your mouth is! The whole (current) issue with CJ is mostly based on PERSONAL not military issues, which the MILITARY decided needed to be dealt with, even though it had nothing to do with OPSEC and everything to do with CJ’s life as a father of a child in a public school. Follow K.J.’s suggestion and clear up CJ’s situation. If he is seriously considering leaving the Army because of this, something is seriously wrong with his chain of command.
Can't really add anything to that.

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