Thursday, January 07, 2010

Our 'Most Ethical and Transparent 'Justice' Department

This week, a federal district court in Kansas imposed sanctions on the same Civil Rights Division (CRD) officials who spiked the Panthers case, Loretta King and Steve Rosenbaum, for their refusals to provide information in another case.... What is clear from reading the order is that, as usual, the CRD made broad accusations of discriminatory conduct when it filed its complaint, but when it was asked to provide specific examples or actual evidence of such discrimination, it failed to do so.
Translation: "You cannot come into this court and say "Rule as we wish, because we say you should!" And you cannot lie about what someone did."
Actually, considering what prosecutors think they should get away with, why shouldn't these clowns think they can lie and get away with it?

One of the interesting things:It is noteworthy that these two lawyers — the ones who directly superimposed their own legal judgment in the New Black Panther Party case — are now the subject of the court’s order, which as the report notes is unusual, in that it is “directed at individual lawyers that specifically says their employer is not responsible for paying the costs.” To boot, King is a multiple-sanctions recipient. During the Clinton administration, she was one of the Justice Department attorneys who was responsible for a fine of more than half a million dollars.
So this court wanted to make the two JD lawyers, Loretta King and Steve Rosenbaum, pay the fine themselves, as in out of their own pockets. Which sounds like "Dammit, you can't come into my court and pull crap like this and expect me to let you slide!" Be nice if it happened but, as the article notes, the 'Justice' Department will most likely wind up giving them the money, which means they're reaching into our pockets to keep these two lawyers from having to actually pay for their conduct.

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