Wednesday, January 06, 2010

From the look of this, the Finns are screwed

When they start cooperating with "We need more laws even when they won't stop the bad guys" crap, they're losing. Or lost.


Keith said...

Sebastian's site is too bloody slow to load...

British experience was of a bunch of "shooters organizations" each trying to sell out other shooters so everyone would have to join theirs and be lorded over by the chin-less inbreeds at the top.

There was no evidence in favour of the British gun bans, but the mainstream media reported all the bullshit that the British home office put out.

We have the net now

Jano, if you are reading, please get as many Finns as you think are likely to read it, to read the Gary Mauser paper, and pass it on to their friends. post links on Finnish gunny and hunting blogs and boards.

John Lott's blog has links to papers he has written looking at the detterrent effect that armed citizens have on mass public shootings.

Also search for work by Gary Kleck

Colin Greenwood is the Veteran British authority on Gun Control - he must be well into his 80s now but still seems to be active.

Good luck, if you are unsuccessful, I know Putin wants to be your president.


Firehand said...

That was my first thought: this is like the hunters hanging the target shooters out to dry, target shooters hanging the hunters with anything bigger than a .22 out, all of them hanging self-defense gun owners out, and in the end all they're doing is hanging themselves.

And any chance of their kids and grandkids owning arms goes down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a hang together or you'll all be hung seperately situation.

I've not looked recently to see if the late Peter Kekkenon's "" site is still available.

He seemed to be a sort of Finnish MVB (hope the tree purrs don't mind the comparison).

I wonder if Sip see st gets any Finnish visitors?

Jani said...

The comments from some of the hunting organizations after the school shootings were the worst.

There are people here that understand the situation. We follow the oversees data and research closely and we organize our efforts through discussion forums.

We still have hope. We have managed to influence several MPs. We have even influenced the mainstream media to some extent.

Firehand said...

Jani, I'm very glad to hear it. It gives me hope.

Just in case you haven't looked there, remember to check Smallest Minority, he has LOTS of links

Anonymous said...

Good luck there.

The hunting guys need voting out of their posts or mass reignations from their organizations for their Zumbo like actions.

Here's a cache of ammo that might be of use:

Thanks again