Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hey, did you know that if you disagree with what a blogger says,

you're a troll? I have to admit I'd never heard that before. And it's coming from somone who makes snotty comments about 'teabaggers', so he must be an expert, right?

If you're wondering what this is about,
Blogger is upset(rightly) by some idiot illegally and idiotically carrying and having horrible accident,
Blogger gets very nasty toward anyone who carries without her fully- approved background,
Commenters question and argue,
Blogger and husband edit comments, insult, and- in hubby's case- threaten,
Various bloggers call attention to this,
And hey! they're ALL 'radical pro-gun "trolls" '!

If you're interested, part 1, part 2, general roundabout on this, and check the comments on Tam's post.

Oh, and it seems the hubby making threats to 'conservative assholes' bragging about 'splitting skulls and breaking noses' is a politician. In TN.

Some wonderful people on the left, huh?


Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but I think that Part 1 link was supposed to point here:

But, like I said, I could be wrong :).

Firehand said...

Aw hell, now I KNOW my brain is frozen

Keith said...

Troll reporting for duty....

Anonymous said...

Firehand, have you visited

recently and followed all the links plus watched the you tube of Nazi book burnings?

Firehand said...

Oh yeah, first saw it a couple of years back.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that is what us commenters are for :).