Friday, January 08, 2010

The other day I posted that I thought the unions

might not be too happy with the 'Cadillac health-plan' tax, because most of them have such plans. The response from a couple of folks was that the Democrats would try to exempt the unions from it; I doubt it.

I don't doubt they'd like to, but if they do
A: They lose too much of other people's money that they're wanting to spend, and
B: They know what the reaction would be. You want to talk about people being pissed...

Then today, Insty pointed to this article:
Local unions are waging war against President Obama's proposed "Cadillac tax" on higher-cost health-care plans -- with one leader warning New York Democrats who approve the levy to watch out at the polls this year.

"The proposed tax is both terrible politics and bad policy, and it's going to seriously undermine good health-care coverage for literally tens of millions of middle-class workers," fumed Bob Master, legislative and political director for Communication Workers of America's Northeast chapter.
George Boncoraglio, regional president of the Civil Service Employees Association, the state's largest public union, railed against the proposed tax.

"The president is out of his mind for attempting to tax health benefits that labor unions fought to get for their working members," said Boncoraglio, whose union represents 300,000 workers in medical facilities and agencies.

"For all the support we gave Obama, he's really sticking it to the members of labor unions."

The translation of that last is "Dammit, we sold you our support and this is how you pay us back? You're just supposed to screw everyone else!"

It says Obama is going to meet with union bosses to 'assuage their worries', which with Obama means "Hey, I'm a progressive! I work with unions! Stop causing me troubles and I'll take care of you!" And if they trust that, they're not only union clowns, they're stupid. Obama knows he can't really afford to dump on the unions the way he'd like(for the common good, of course), but he also knows that if he exempts the union plans from this, that alone will further infuriate people; add to that that the tax on health plans would have to be raised to make up for what they'd not get from looting union members...

Oh, and at the bottom there's this on Sen. "I'm a whore but I'm not cheap" Nelson(Dirtbag-NB):
* Sen. Ben Nelson reportedly said the administration shouldn't have handled health care now, given how bad the economy remains.

He also advocated extending the juicy Medicaid subsidies he won for his home state of Nebraska -- after being the lone Democratic holdout on the president's top domestic priority for months -- to the entire nation.

"I've been in serious discussions with Senate leaders and others to secure changes in the bill to treat all states equally. At the end of the day, whatever Nebraska gets will apply to all states," Nelson said, according to reported
So, having caught lots of heat for his sellout, he now proposes to make it all better by saying the feds should take all our money away from us and use it to bribe us. Which is exactly what he's talking about BECAUSE ALL THAT MONEY COMES FROM US IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE. The question is, does Nelson not realize that or does he think we won't understand it?

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