Friday, December 04, 2009

I've got a question on something I've never run into before

Couple of days ago went to the range and took along the Pocket Hammerless, and discovered something odd. I'd picked up a spare magazine a while back(aftermarket) and it worked fine, until now. First mag went through fine, then every one after that there would be several 'won't fire' failures. The slide was closed all the way, and if you bumped the bottom of the grip it would then fire; felt like the disconnector wasn't resetting after the shot. But it only did this with the aftermarket mag; with the original, it went bang every time. Same ammo, same everything else.

Anyone ever heard of something like this? I've done some measuring, and the dimensions seem identical, a I can't see anywhere that the mag could affect the disconnector and there are no marks that the trigger is dragging- ok, wait a minute.

Ignore the above. I just looked REAL close at the sides, and on the left side is a slight mark. And, while I'd measured front-to-back and that's identical, it appears the side-to-side on the new mag is larger; probably enough to cause the trigger bow to drag. So I need to disassemble the mag and do some sanding on the side to bring it to the same dimensions and then try it again(testing a gun part; will the labor never end?)

First time I've run into a problem like this; apparently the QC on that size isn't what it should be. Friend with the .32 got one of the same brand and not only does it work, it feeds hollowpoints much better than the original mag.

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Anonymous said...

I have a Star B in 9mm Para. I bought half a dozen spare mags, all Spanish Army issue. All of the spares went into the mag well with much resistance, none would drop freely, even with the weight of a full load of cartridges. And none would feed all the cartridges in it reliably. I measured every dimension I could think of and the only one differing from the one mag that functioned properly was width. Every one of the issue spares was .005 to .010 too thick.

I simply squeezed each one gently in my bench vise until it measured the same or a few thousandths narrower than my one reliable magazine.

Now I have a different problem. I can no longer tell which of my seven magazines is the original and which six were spares. All seven now feed all the rounds in 'em, all enter the mag well easily and latch effortlessly, and all drop freely loaded or empty when the mag release is pressed.

Got lucky one more time.

Gerry N.