Saturday, December 05, 2009

From Mark Steyn: The Grand Old Duke of York

He had ten thousand men

He marched them up to the top of the hill

And he marched them down again."

The Grand Young Duke of Hope has 30,000 men. He'll march them up the Khyber Pass but he'll march them down again in July 2011. If you're some village headman who's been making nice to the Americans, the Taliban have a whole new pitch for you: In a year and a half, the Yanks are going. But we'll still be here.

And over at Q & O, a bit more on troop numbers from allies:
The clinker?

An undisclosed number of the new troops will steer clear of the fighting because they are barred by their countries from combat operations. And two allies, the Netherlands and Canada, still plan to withdraw nearly 5,000 troops in the next two years, offsetting the infusion.

But it sounds great on paper, doesn’t it?
In smithing, clinker is a problem. Ash from the coal or charcoal and scale from the steel melt together, sink down to the bottom of the fire and solidify into a mass that clogs the grate, reduces air flow and prevents you being able to do good work; sounds like McQ picked the right word for this mess.

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Windy Wilson said...

What would have happened in WW2 if, at the Casablanca Conference, Roosevelt and Churchill had announced that they would continue for 12 more months, and if they did not have victory (however defined) they were stopping the bombing that day, and bringing every soldier and sailor home?
I mean, after all, except for the Channel Islands, no British territory was occupied by the Nazis, and I'm sure that some sort of agreement could be reached, and it was really with the Japanese that America had the real beef.
Then, after the blood bath at Pelileu, we could negotiate a settlement of that war, too, and leave the Chinese et al to their own devices.
Where is El Cid when you need him?