Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Another reason not to shop at Best Buy

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Anonymous said...

I bought a laptop from BB a year ago. It's doing fine, but today I got my Chase Visa bill. On it is a $54 charge from BB. I haven't set foot in that place since Nov., 2008. I called to find out what's going on. They said my laptop came with a year's free virus protection and as a service, they automatically added a year to it. I told them to un-add it toot-sweet or I'd be on them like ugly on a Helen Thomas and my lawyer would likely add some things to sue their sorry a$$es over. They said I could expect an E-mail from Chase in a day or two.

Anyone here know how to buy a bunch of useless expensive crap in BB's name and have it shipped to Whoever's in charge of those a**holes at his expense?

Gerry N.