Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Crooked politicians and appointees(is there a real difference?),

After investigating, Ohio's independent inspector general concluded there was "no reasonable basis" for the searches. Wurzelbacher subsequently filed a civil rights lawsuit against the three employees. Now, as Bill Hershey reported in the Dayton Daily News, Democratic Attorney General Richard Cordray had agreed to represent them in court.

The problem with Cordray's decision is that an Ohio statute states, "The attorney general may not represent an employee who acts recklessly, maliciously or in bad faith outside the scope of his employment." The inspector general's conclusion that there was "no reasonable basis" for the searches suggests that they were done outside the scope of the workers' employment and should absolve the attorney general from the responsibility of defending these individuals.

Let's see, illegal use of databases and position, and instead of prosecuting them the AG is defending them in a civil suit by the one they wronged. Wonderful people you have in high places, Ohio.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Joe's lawyers should add the attorney general to the list of people they are suing?