Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I should note the Swiss vote to not allow any more minarets*

to be built in Switzerland. And some of the reactions. Like this piece of nanny-state idiocy:
So concerned is the government by the decision that Swiss Justice Minister Eveline Widmer Schlumpf, watching the results come in on Sunday afternoon, apparently told her advisers there ought to be some restrictions on what the general public can actually vote on.
Yeah, can't have the peasants thinking they're actually the ones in control of government, now can we?

While visiting my parents I saw some of the 'Evening News' on ABC, NBC and CBS for the first time in quite a while; I'd forgotten just how bad they are. Every bit of this was painted as 'Right-Wing groups who don't like immigrants', etc. Reinforced why I'm so glad I don't have to depend on these clowns for information anymore.

I misremembered 'mosques', and stand corrected


Anonymous said...

Yay Swiss!! Schlumpt should be careful what she say's, the real voters may give her a ticket back home.

Phelps said...

Actually, they banned minarets, not mosques. They can build mosques, but they can't put a giant tower on top of it hovering over everything around it. And I believe that the Swiss banned their loudspeaker call to prayers a long time ago.

Windy Wilson said...

All these comments from Swiss against this vote! If General Guisan were alive today, I don't think he could get enough people into Rutli meadow to explain what was at stake for Swiss-ness