Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Since so many leftists truly believe the Democrat Party has always been

on the side of individual rights, I imagine a lot of them will buy the shirt. Well, in comments there are some interesting responses, but I rather like that from Phelps:
The first item listed is “Women’s Suffrage Amendment.” Let’s look at the vote: FOR: 36(R), 20(D) AGAINST 8(R) 17(D). Hmm. Looks to me like “brought to you by the Republicans.” Rural Electrification Act? So little opposition that they didn’t even take a record vote. The Federal Home Loan Program? O RLY? The one where “the credit program was a complete failure. While 41,000 homeowners applied for FHLB loans in the first two years after its enactment, the government agency administering the program approved just three applications.”? That led to Freddie Mac and Fannie May and the second depression, which we are now living? That one is all yours, baby.

The GI Bill? Written by an RNC chairman.

The Civil Rights Act? Are you fucking retarded?

Read the rest, for just how wonderful the Democrat Party was on that one.

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Keith said...

Next they'll be claiming that the (now irrelevant & stooopid)party formed by abolitionists was responsible for slavery...