Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Rep. Russ Carnahan(Evil Party Minion-MO) hangs around with some really nice

  • Margarida Jorge worked at SEIU in St. Louis. She wrote the HCAN memo on fighting back against the right.
  • Sara Howard worked at SEIU in St Louis. She also worked for Obama For America. The day before the St. Louis town hall, she was hired by Rep. Russ Carnahan.
  • Elston McCowan and Perry Molens worked at SEIU in St. Louis. They have been charged with the bloody assault of Kenneth Gladney.
  • Jorge, Howard, McCowan and Molens were all involved with Buffy Wicks at Obama For America in Missouri.
  • Buffy Wicks now works for Valerie Jarret in the White House Office of Public Engagement and was involved in the NEA Conference Calls.

Does your head hurt yet? If it doesn’t, it will tomorrow.

The whole piece is up at Big Government. Including:
Tomorrow we will show how this small network of insiders in the leftist political power structure of St. Louis are inter-connected with the very people charged with investigating and prosecuting the individuals responsible for beating Kenneth Gladney. And, how those same people were also instrumental in the Obama Campaign in Missouri in 2008. We will show how the three month delay in bringing charges against the assailants appear to be motivated by political and personal relationships in the close-knit family that is the St. Louis Democratic Party.

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martywd said...

We always knew Politics was dirty but always filtered a bit by newspapers and the rest of MS media especially when the Dems where involved.   But now with the aid of algore's Internet anything in which Politics rubs up against is looking downright grubby X 24/7.