Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Miserable piece of walking crap Maurice Clemmons has assumed ambient temperature

Assistant Police Chief Jim Pugel says 37-year-old Maurice Clemmons was killed about 2:45 a.m. Tuesday. Pugel says the officer found the car, which had been recently stolen, recognized Clemmons and ordered him to show his hands and stop. Pugel says Clemmons wouldn't stop, and the officer fired several rounds.
Apparently an officer who knows how to shoot.

Michelle Malkin has a lot on this mess here. Very short version: this bastard should never have been released from prison in Arkansas, and he should NEVER have been out on bail in Washington:
He was released from custody just six days ago, even though he was wanted on a fugitive warrant out of Arkansas and was staring at eight felony charges in all out of Washington state.
The judge who granted bail ought to be dragged out of that courtroom by his long black robes and- I'm not sure, you think the whipping post or tar and feathers? Or both? Of course, you'd have to do the whipping first, but that works. I'm sure he has some fine-sounding excuse for this crap, and will never pay any penalty for this stupidity.


YeOldFurt said...

First thought on seeing this was: "Alright then". But there are such a lot of candidates waiting, one just seems gratuitous.

Anonymous said...

I think the judge needs to be put in the stocks, out in front of the very courthouse where he let Clemmens go.

Not a standing-up stocks. But a barely-sitting stocks, with a narrow rail seat just a little too low for comfort. So he's either just up off the seat to relieve the pressure on his neck, but putting a strain on his back, legs and knees. Or he's (barely) sitting, with the strain on his neck (almost choking) and ass.

What delicious justice. And to all those that think this is cruel and unusual punishment, you're right, it is. But compared to the death of four police officers and the permanent damage to the families, I think the judge is getting off lightly.

B Woodman