Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Let's start this rainy, cold morning

with some hot steaming bullcrap from "The science is SETTLED!" political dirtbags:
*Science czar John Holdren, who will testify on Capitol Hill this week at a hearing on ClimateGate, infamously hyped weather catastrophes and demographic disasters in the 1970s with his population control freak pals Paul and Anne Ehrlich. He made a public bet against free-market economist Julian Simon predicting dire shortages of five natural resources as a result of feared overconsumption. He lost on all counts. No matter.
Canada Free Press (CFP) columnist Canadian climatologist Dr. Tim Ball notes that Holdren turned up in the ClimateGate files belittling the work of astrophysicists Sallie Baliunas and Willie Soon at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in the Solar, Stellar, and Planetary Sciences Division. Holdren put “Harvard” in sneer quotes when mocking a research paper Baliunas and Soon published in 2003 showing that “the 20th century is probably not the warmest nor a uniquely extreme climatic period of the last millennium.” First, deny. Next, deride
And so on. Lots of corrupted-science pushers around the Oval Office these days.

It should be noted, Joy Behar is a bigoted fool. Big surprise, huh?

Also from Malkin, Charles Barron is a RWPP jackass who, unsurprisingly, is on the NYEffin'City Council. Actually, he may not be a true RWPP; he may just be another racist bastard.

Why do some politicians seem to lie by reflex about the most idiotic things?

George Monbiot is- well, 'friggin' idiot' doesn't quite cover it, but it's close. From Goldberg:
No serious student of energy and development economics thinks that oil will become less important in at least the next several decades. Every forecast shows demand—domestic and worldwide—going up steadily, or even sharply. Perhaps more importantly, this is also true of coal. China, which is building a new coal-fired power plant every 10 days, has surpassed the U.S. to become the biggest CO2 emitter in the world, and very soon India and Brazil will overtake America as well. They have no intention of abandoning cheap, reliable, and powerful fossil fuels—that they own—in favor of incredibly inefficient, unproven, and expensive “alternative” energy that they’d have to buy from America or Europe. This is true not only because fossil-fuel energy is cost-effective in its own right, but also because they’ve already paid for the infrastructure.
And they're in earnest about lifting their countries up, improving lives, and they need energy, affordable energy, to do it. Guess what? So do we.

Chris Matthews lets slip what he actually thinks about the military. Anyone surprised?
Update: he tries to talk his way out of it. Not very well.

No, I didn't watch the speech; I was about 95% sure I knew what was coming, and I was about right. "I'm sending troops, but not as many as needed. AND I'm telling the Taliban 'Hold on, we'll be gone by this date'. So SEE, I AM doing something! It just took me all these months while troops are fighting and dying and killing to decide on this! And it's all Bush's fault!" Etc. From Althouse,
But I'll say what I thought: He sounded oddly stern, like he was lecturing us. Annoyed at us. The words were meant to be inspirational but there was no lift... no lift of a driving dream. Is he tired of being Obama? Or was it the vibe in the room? I don't think those West Point folk liked him too much. He made some pauses that felt awkward in advance of grudging applause, and the response at the end was minimal. The camera searched among the faces and found only grim ones. No one glowed with the fire of Obama-love.
Well, hell, they're listening to a President who has made his disdain for them plain; who's sending a bunch of people off to fight and die when they know more of them will die because he won't send the numbers needed and doesn't have the balls to say 'victory', let alone turn the troops loose to win.

And Anne? He IS lecturing us; he IS annoyed at us for not giving him what he wants and doing what he wants(socialized medicine, anyone?); he's annoyed that he's being held to his campaign words on Afghanistan instead of being allowed to cut and run the way he really wants to. He did this at West Point because he wanted a captive audience in uniform who- he thought- would be pressured into giving him the homage he thinks he deserves; I have no doubt that's why he did it there instead of an address from the Oval Office, which this should have been.

From a moron in her comments: Obama: "Let me be clear: there has never been an option before me that called for troop deployments before 2010, so there has been no delay or denial of resources necessary for the conduct of the war."

The right-wing blogosphere claimed otherwise.
Well, let's see; the report and recommendations he ordered McChrystal to make? he refused to receive officially for a friggin' month, he's played games 'studying the situation(again)' ever since, he's allowing fewer troops than McChrystal says are needed, and because of the game-playing they'll start getting there months later than they should(as someone points out, 2010 is in less than a month, and it takes months to get that many troops ready, packed up and sent over), but there was no 'delay or denial'. Uh huh. Yeah.


That's enough for now. Cookies in the oven.


Windy Wilson said...

The statement that "the global warming science is settled" reminds me strongly of "Mr. Galileo, the science of heavenly bodies is settled.", which is just as fatuous and just as factual.

Fire said...

Why isn't anyone bitching about the penguins? Are they profiling?