Saturday, August 06, 2011

Back from the gun show

No new boomsticks, alas, but a couple of things I can use. And some ammo, always useful(I can't afford gold, I can copper and tin and lead). So, since it's still damn hot outside, I'm looking at the news and find
Norwegian newspapers apparently follow the same 'fake but accurate' bullshit methods as a lot of US journalists.
By the way, to the commenter who wrote this:
One of the milder letters asserted that I was completely wrong because Hamas is not a terrorist organization and that an attack on an Israeli or American summer camp could be justified because those countries use violence.
Fuck you, you miserable little enabler of terrorists. With an unsanded dowel.

So the Postal Service has used our money to put out ads that are flat lies; anybody surprised?

Why do people think bad things about lawyers? In some cases, because of the shit that comes from law schools:
The continuing saga of Lawrence Connell, who "was vindicated on a wide range of charges," but found to have violated a policy against "retaliation" for the way he responded to the accusations that had been made against him — for defending himself. The remedy sought by Widener Law School Dean Linda Ammons?
Professor Connell will undergo a psychological evaluation by a psychiatrist or psychologist of his choice selected from a list of four individuals provided to him by the University.
"You can choose your shrink, but only from OUR list." and that's just the start. I wonder if Dean AssholeAmmons has any understanding of the concept of 'Getting your ass sued off'? Or, for that matter, 'You're making this school look like crap'?

The left and 'civil discourse'. Kind of related to Reasoned Discoursetm

I guess this is part of the Change!!
This story began four months ago, when then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates told troops in Iraq that the US would keep a troop presence there if requested to do so by the Iraqi government — which contradicted an avalanche of campaign pledges from Barack Obama. Over the last few months, it became clear that the US wasn’t just open to considering a request, but actively trying to get the Iraqis to make one. Yesterday, the Obama administration got its wish — by applying lots of pressure to get that request:
Under intense U.S. pressure, Iraqi leaders announced early Wednesday they had agreed to start negotiations on keeping some American soldiers in the country after the current Dec. 31 deadline for all U.S. troops to have left Iraq.

The polar bear is NOT your fuzzy friend.

Well, well, well,
The head of the Drug Enforcement Administration has acknowledged to congressional investigators that her agency provided a supporting role in the ill-fated Operation Fast and Furious run by the group's counterparts at the ATF.
Looks kind of like they're saying "Yes, we were involved, but not a whole lot, so please don't come after us full-tilt, please?"

Want a shirt other than a Gunwalker that'll annoy the right people? Here's some.

And that's it for now.

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Windy Wilson said...

An unsanded dowel is too considerate for those who would do worse to those who disagree with them. Because of the profound harm such people do to society, use a 10 gauge brass cleaning brush.