Tuesday, August 02, 2011

So the cartoon is actually a real-life picture

Go to this thread at Cleanup ATF
and scroll down to the entry by onesparkz, on july 30 11:17 PM. Understand that McMahon was the supervisor overseeing Phoenix during Operation Gunwalker, and now he'll be second in command of the agency internal affairs unit, i.e., in a position to punish dissident agents. Here's the take of one agent commenter:

"Here's my analysis on McMahon. He was essentially in charge of the western region (ipso facto maravilloso, in charge of Gunwalker). Main Justice knows it, and consented to his promotion.

The promotion itself was a message that DoJ intends to charge full speed ahead on its defense-slash-deflection of Gunwalker.

But it's also the sound of a shotgun chambering a round for street agents: One of the men directly culpable for this project is now in a position to slit their throats (a la OPR). They seem to be telling their agents to be very careful what they say, and to whom."

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