Saturday, August 06, 2011

I seem to remember, a few years back, a bunch of the Usual Suspects

asking "Why do we need to waste all this money on tanks and rockets and stuff? Why don't we just make a lot more of these 'special forces' teams do play army? Then we could use the savings on (fill in the blank-effing)social programs!"

They didn't like the answers as to just how much it costs and how long it takes to train these operators; and they REALLY don't like having it pointed out just how few people, no matter how willing, are capable of working at those levels(it conflicts with those "We are ALL special!!" beliefs they're stuck in). Then you add in that the average span one of these guys in- for instance- one of the SEAL teams can stay operational isn't that long, so even without battle injuries people have to be replaced at fairly regular intervals; that kind of stress, not just on operations but in training, simply wears bodies out.

We lost a bunch of these people the other day; SEALS and some Afghans who must've been pretty damn good(I'd think) or they wouldn't have been there, the flight crew, even the dog; every one specially trained and equipped and hard to replace. Thank God there are those who'll step up for it.

I got started on this train of thought by this post on those lovely idiots in our major media; I wonder if those microcephalic hairspray-headed cretin whose entire world outside of Manhattan cocktail parties consisted of nothing but an endless globe-spanning daisy chain of identical luxury hotel rooms joined by a pressurized tube of first-class airliner cabins and the back seats of Cadillacs types- excuse me, 'professional journalists'- have any idea?


Anonymous said...

Did you know that hairspray fumes make people more gullible?

And did you know that the word "gullible" is not in the dictionary?

Windy Wilson said...

I think you insulted microcephalic people by implying that they are as stupid as "journalists", but I agree with your main points.