Monday, August 01, 2011

Dear VP Biden: (updated)

Screw you, you miserable little man.

You and Rep. Doyle can both go to hell. Do not pass 'GO', do not collect any more of our damned money, you thieving, corrupt, vile bastards.

Sincerely, etc.

Dear Sen. McCain:
Sucking up to us now will not make us forget what YOU'VE done, either. Piss off.

Sincerely, etc.

Update: Biden denies he said it, BUT:Link

Update: Remember, Politico cited “several sources” — Democratic sources — for the quote. Here’s the obligatory denial:

“I did not use the terrorism word,” Biden told CBS Evening News anchor and managing editor Scott Pelley…

“What happened was there were some people who said they felt like they were being held hostage by terrorists,” he said. “I never said that they were terrorists or weren’t terrorists, I just let them vent.”

Added Biden: “I said even if that were the case, what’s been happening when you now have taken and paid the debt and move that down so we can now discuss, the nuclear weapon’s been taken out of anyone’s hands.”

"I didn't say it. And if I did, that's over so stop paying attention to it."

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