Friday, August 05, 2011

Hey, Wisconsin: when your Mayor says thugs will be arrested

and prosecuted and feels the need to say there would be no tolerance for violence at festivals and that perpetrators will be prosecuted -- regardless of race, that tells me you damn well know where the problem is coming from; it also tells me that for some idiot(pc) reason you've been playing games around that, which helped it get this bad.

Barrett didn't indicate if he believed the events were racially charged.
Oh, of course not; telling the truth would be insensitive and non-pc and actually pointing out the problem; can't have that, can we?

First fights are said to have been a bunch of dumbasses fighting each other, then
Officials could not say what started what witnesses said was a series of racially charged incidents that apparently began as early as 7 p.m. in the midway. The midway is located just east of the Pettit National Ice Center and adjacent to the Hank Aaron State Trail.

Milwaukee police confirmed there were assaults outside the fair as the fair was closing down. The fair closes at 11 p.m.

A State Fair official said most of those arrested were cited for disorderly conduct.
Disorderly effing conduct... oh, that's really going to scare them, isn't it?
And, of course, we have some of the usual suspects:
Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn scheduled a news conference later Friday afternoon to discuss the incidents and his department's involvement. He is expected to be joined by officials of the NAACP and the Historic Third Ward Association, which is sponsoring Saturday's Historic Third Ward Jazz Festival.
The discussion of the departments involvement should be little more than "Anybody starts this again, their ass is going to jail. Period. End of discussion." But it won't be.

One somewhat bright spot:
Alds. Bob Donovan and Joe Dudzik issued a joint statement in reaction to the violence: "Let's face it, it also has much to do with a deteriorating African American culture in our city. Are large groups of Hispanics or Hmong going out in large mobs and viciously attacking whites? No."
I wonder if the NAACP & Co. have started calling them racists or Uncle Toms or such yet?

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