Sunday, July 31, 2011

Damn, I didn't know there were muslims attacked

in Norway. Oh, wait, they weren't.
After seeking comments from Muslims in Saskatoon, Calvin To says “In the wake of these events, this seeming lack of hostilities here at home is a relief to many.” To narrates that “Racial tensions are unlikely to happen here as a backlash.” Major Gen. Lewis McKenzie (ret) asks “What are we going to do? Run around and attack blond-haired, blue-eyed Norwegians. That would be pretty stupid as they are some of our best friends. To attack the Muslim population or point fingers would be even more unfair because they are the victims in this.” Seriously.
Our grief overrides the concern for any future negative acts against Muslims in the wake of this heinous act. This is a time for all Muslims to think of themselves as proud Canadians with unwavering support for multiculturalism, and not as a fearful minority seeking protection.
Bloody fucking hell. "Muslims are ALWAYS victims!" continues.

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