Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Put a lot of western(but particularly American) troops in a place,

and if there are dogs around...
The dogs were beaten and malnourished. One of them was pregnant and the Marines named her Sandy; the other dog was small and frail, and the Marines fittingly named him Scraggles. The company adopted the two dogs, who accepted theLink Marines as family. Sandy soon had her litter of puppies, one of which would be named Willy Pete. All the puppies went to local residents to protect their farms and herd livestock, but Willy had a different opportunity – he went to the Marines of Company D for companionship.
The veteran dog usually takes the lead when the Marines go on patrol now. He stays in front until the Marines pass through the bazaar outside the combat outpost. Local residents often look up in recognition of the dog, who seems to fancy himself a Marine. Willy relocates to a new position once he establishes a clear path for the Marines and begins moving from one side of the patrol to the other, warning Marines of anyone’s approach with a quick bark or a low growl.

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Storyteller said...

I read this article in the Hawaii Marine newsd. I emailed the editor; I told him these wonderful animals are often left behind due to the costof shipping them back and they are not "Marines". Left behind to terrible fates, of which death is a release.
I suggested they tell their readers to give a couple of bucks to something like "Bahgdad Pups" which help with papers and $$ to get these 4 legged warriors "home"to America.
I recieved an email response; "Thank you yadda yadda yadaa. Your suggestion will be forwarded blah blah blah to the Comendant..."
I litteraly weep at what happens to these animals when our troops have to depart the AO's. Guess I'm just a softy.