Sunday, July 31, 2011

Number One: Damn Obama for throwing this garbage

out at troops in the field. Number Two: Admiral, if you're doing this for him to put pressure on the Congress, you should lose those stars.

Of course, beyond August* will require Obama to actually lead(or try), which isn't likely, and maybe he's considering that. It'll also require Democrats to consider something besides "Republicans want you to DIE!!!" as their only statements.

*“There’s plenty of money in the month of August to take care of the bondholders, to make sure Social Security recipients get their checks, and to make sure our men and women who wear the uniforms, who protect us, who will defend our country, our troops get paid.” Jordan said. “After that, of course, the president will have to make some choices — he would have to lead — he would have to make some decisions about what else gets paid in what order. But there’s plenty of money in the month of August to take care of those three things.”

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Anonymous said...

It's always the same from these guys. "We won't be able to pay Social Security, MediCare, food stamps, unemployment, etc.," but no mention of maybe cutting back on pay or benefits for legislators, their staff, their office funds; any of the myriad of new offices/departments/agencies/czars saved or created since this crew moved in; any part of the sizable sums we send abroad to help out other nations who are gonna hate us anyway...
"Disingenuous" doesn't quite seem to cover it.