Thursday, March 04, 2010

So the SPLC is even MORE full of crap

than previously thought(which is really pushing it):
The Klan group listed by SPLC, the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan has an alleged P.O. Box in North Providence, RI. The box number, which is six digits, looks suspicious, but I'm not in RI right now so I can't check out whether it is real. (I tried calling the Postal Service center in the zip code, but they do not pick up the phone.) No contact name is given for the Klan member or members in RI, and there is no other record of the group actually doing anything.

I could not even find a P.O. Box, much less an actual person, for any other Klan group in RI, although SPLC elsewhere lists a second Klan group as being in RI.

Rhode Island may not be representative of the nation, but it is a good example of how SPLC exaggerates the number and scope of hate groups. If the Klan is active in Rhode Island, no one seems to know about it.

Maybe there is someone sitting in a house or apartment somewhere with a white robe in the closet, but I assure you such person wouldn't last two minutes in RI if he tried to wear it on the street.

Who loses from SPLC's political tactics? Most obviously SPLC, whose credibility is undermined. More important, is that the public loses because SPLC's tactics mask the truth.

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Keith said...

The only times I've heard of the SPLC was something to do with a Joyce Fund grant and an acknowledgement by churchill in his "to shake their guns in the tyrant's face".

How does this SPLC "hater groups" thing work?

Is it like an announcer at some "society ball" calling out the names of the guests as they enter?

"Lord and Lady Chinless-fuckwitt and their ugly daughter Frigida. Squire bollocks; bastard son of the Prince of Wales... Brad and Wayne, spotty teenage racists from Canoga Park"?

Do worthless little nerds look to see if they've been announced, then think they're real hard men, ready to go out and harras a few old ladies in the drugstore parking lot?

Or is it a "look at us, aren't we clever, protecting you from all these "racists" and "haters" aren't we the clever little classroom snitches"?

I really don't understand it

If they are making up "groups", then they're really in for a nasty surprise when they're called on it.