Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Speaking of a need for tar & feathers,

read this. And think of just how much of our resources these treacherous little bastards want to lock up, and how much land they want to steal.

Tar, feathers, rope, lampposts...


Rev. Paul said...

The already owns 2/3 of Alaska - that's 66 million acres. Only about 1 million is privately owned; the other 44 million was given to the Natives in 1971. Now they want us to leave entirely, so the greenies can turn AK into a national park.

There are a LOT of folks up here keeping their long guns cleaned & loaded. We've just about had enough.

Keith said...

Mrs Keith has a very nice grandmother among her students, who recently had to leave a certain African country.

Her family are white, but were not farmers; her husband worked for the Union for Democratic Change.

I'm sure they could tell you a lot of stories about that sort of thing.

Your hopey changey fella doesn't have the excuses of senility or tertiary syphilis, and your countrymen don't have the hope of a tyrant with an almost spent natural life expectancy, and about 3 million of them look as though they're ready for it to start.

With Mr Gore's nice invention, I wonder how the youtube vids of Bradleys being used on ordinary houses would play internationally?

When the Davidians were burnt in their church, the MSM were able to spin them as doomsday cultists. This time it'll not be so easy for the spin men.

Anonymous said...

"Tar, feathers, rope, lampposts... "

Just add politicians. Some assembly required.

B Woodman

markm said...

There's something fishy about this story. The President CANNOT take privately or state-owned land by executive order, nor can any federal agency. That would require condemnation proceedings, and money appropriated by Congress to pay for it.

So I think the truth is that Obama is considering reclassifying certain federal lands, and certain people have become so used to using Uncle Sam's land for free or nearly free that they are squealing like it was their property. And no, it won't affect the tax base, because federal land never was in the tax base. (But in some cases the federal government makes some compensatory payments to local governments, to cover such things as schools for kids on military bases, and I have heard that these have been cut.)

OTOH, there are plenty of ranchers, logging companies, and mining companies that would be happy to pay fair market value for the land if the feds would only sell it.