Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday, cloudy and chilly

and I've got a bunch of limbs to haul around front for the big trash pickup. In the meantime, something amazing has happened: even the New York Effing Times has decided Rep. Charles Rangel(So Corrupt Even They Can't Stand Him-NY) needs to be removed from his chair:
Congressman Charles Rangel was far from humbled after the ethics committee admonished him for taking corporate-paid Caribbean junkets in violation of the House ethics code. Rather, the New York Democrat berated the panel’s leaders on the House floor.

The moment was characteristic of Mr. Rangel’s arrogance throughout the investigation, which continues into more serious allegations about his official behavior. It is one more reason why Speaker Nancy Pelosi — who championed ethics reform — should stop protecting him and relieve him of his crucial role as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee
First, they act like Pelosi actually meant it; second, they expected anything else from Rangel? He's been allowed to get away with this crap for so long, it must've really pissed him off to actually be told "You've been naughty." Not that the 'Ethics' Committee is being real consistent now, either:
The affair remains something of a tangled ethics web. All five junketeers were ordered to repay the costs of about $11,800, yet only Mr. Rangel was criticized. And a former counsel to the ethics committee was found to have leaked panel secrets to Carib News charity officials during the inquiry. The committee said “false and misleading” testimony from charity workers would be referred to the Department of Justice.
Yeah, we'll see if Holder actually does anything about that.

V.D. Hanson on Obama fatigue, including
3) Laureate Warmaking: Utopians cannot get away with quadrupling the number of targeted killings in Pakistan and Waziristan against suspected terrorists and their wives. Twangy Texans who believe that we are at “war” against non-uniformed enemy combatants logically order Predators assassinations against what they see as a ruthless, bloodthirsty radical Islamic “enemy” in a “them or us” fight to the finish. But, again, not so Nobel Peace laureates, who want terrorists to be Mirandized, the architects of 9/11 to be tried in civilian courts in New York, and CIA interrogators to be investigated for waterboarding known mass murderers.
Also note is taken of the fact that being considered a 'magnificent speaker' while using a teleprompter for everything hasn't worn well; surprise!

With so many in the major media and the liberals and progressives trying- fairly desperately- to tie Stack to the tea party movement, this has some interesting bits about the past of the liberals and progressives I'd not heard before. For instance,
As Kennedy began [to speak at Kansas State U.], his voice cracked, and those near the stage noticed his hands trembling and his right leg shaking.After praising [Al] Landon’s distinguished career, he said, “I am also glad to come to the home state of another great Kansan, who wrote, ‘If our colleges and universities do not breed men who riot, who rebel, who attack life with all their youthful vision and vigor then there is something wrong with our colleges. The more riots that come on college campuses, the better the world for tomorrow.’ ” …

At first he seemed tentative and wooden, stammering and repeating himself, too nervous to punctuate his sentences with gestures. But with each round of applause he became more animated. Soon he was pounding the lectern with his right fist, and shouting out his words.
After I had argued that the war was clearly winnable even toward the end if we had changed our strategy, the 1972 presidential candidate who had offered to go to Hanoi on his knees commented, “What you don’t understand is that I didn’t want us to win that war.” Mr. McGovern was not alone. He was part of a small but extremely influential minority who eventually had their way

Ace points out just how full of crap Al Gore's defense of AGW is; and boy, is that pile starting to stink. I'm just going to go with one of the nuggets:
Similarly, even though climate deniers have speciously argued for several years that there has been no warming in the last decade, scientists confirmed last month that the last 10 years were the hottest decade since modern records have been kept.
Uh, Al? Jones, one of the biggest AGW pushers of all, admitted in an interview a week or so ago that there was no global warming over the last fifteen years; you just forgetting that, or trying to shove it down the memory hole? And, as to your 'more and stronger hurricanes, not so much. As to Jones, "What a difference 20 years makes."

More wonders from Pelosiland: Die for Me and It's bi-partisan even without votes from the other side.

I knew an awful lot of people were signing on in favor of McDonald v. Chicago, but A: hadn't heard of this guy and his reason and B: it's hard to believe he believes this:
Amar told The Wall Street Journal. “The 13th Amendment frees the slaves and there’s no compensation. It’s the biggest redistribution of property in history.” Under this interpretation, the privileges or immunities of citizenship might include the right to health care, to a living wage, or to some other welfare right fancied by today’s progressive activists.
What the Hell? Freeing slaves was 'redistribution of PROPERTY'? Is THAT how 'progressives' see this? If it truly is, then they're even bigger fools than I could have thought.

Liar, liar, progressive pants on fire. Again.

Damn. Go read this, soon as you can. The site's title isn't SFW a lot of places, rest of the site sure isn't, the article is.
Denis Avey, even at the age of 91, cuts a formidable figure. More than 6ft tall, with a severe short back and sides and a piercing glare, he combines the pan-ache of Errol Flynn with the dignity of age. This is the former Desert Rat, who, in 1944, broke into — yes, into — Auschwitz, and he looks exactly as I expected. He removes his monocle for the camera, and one of his pupils slips sideways before realigning. It is a glass eye. I ask him about it. He tells me that in 1944, he cursed an SS officer who was beating a Jew in the camp. He received a blow with a pistol butt and his eye was knocked in.

Other day I left a comment for Daniel Johnson on his 'terrorized by the Constitution' and 'America is the most violent' bull; it appears that Reasoned Discourse did indeed break out. Yesterday it showed 'pending moderator review' but today there's nothing.

And last: Damn. Double damn. I want to see the place.

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