Tuesday, March 02, 2010

'Green' fuels have a problem?

Using fossil fuel in vehicles is better for the environment than so-called green fuels made from crops, according to a government study seen by The Times.

The findings show that the Department for Transport’s target for raising the level of biofuel in all fuel sold in Britain will result in millions of acres of forest being logged or burnt down and converted to plantations. The study, likely to force a review of the target, concludes that some of the most commonly-used biofuel crops fail to meet the minimum sustainability standard set by the European Commission

This doesn't really surprise anyone who looked at this stuff with non-Believer eyes; it's like the question about electric cars, "Where's the greater generating capacity going to come from?" that a lot of people don't like. However, there's a bit in this story that makes me think of the Climaquiddick mess, in that there's money involved- quite a bit- in not telling the truth:
The EC has conducted its own research, but is refusing to publish the results. A leaked internal memo from the EC’s agriculture directorate reveals its concern that Europe’s entire biofuels industry, which receives almost £3 billion a year in subsidies, would be jeopardised if indirect changes in land use were included in sustainability standards. A senior official added to the memo in handwriting: “An unguided use of ILUC [indirect land use change] would kill biofuels in the EU.”
So, they're deliberately holding back information- facts- because they would endanger an industry that they WANT to keep giving billions of dollars of other peoples' money to, because the industry in question is PC and beloved of the True Believers. And to keep that money flowing, they'll do shit that actually harms the cause of AGW that they claim to truly believe in.

LOTS of lampposts in Europe, aren't there? Enough for all the crooked bureaucrats?

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Anonymous said...

because the industry in question is PC and beloved of the True Believers.

I seriously doubt that that's the reason.

Gee, I wonder if any of the people in the EC who are sitting on the results of their study are invested in the biofuel industry?

You think Al Gore pushes AGW because he's a true believer? Or because he's invested a fortune in alternative energy sources and the carbon trading scam?

When the green police start flinging charges that anyone who opposes them is in the employ of "big oil" or other non-PC industries, it's obvious where those charges come from.

It's projection. They are heavily invested financially in the boondoggles that they espouse and so they assume that everyone else is the same way.

Couldn't possibly be because we actually BELIEVE what we say, it has to be because there's some financial incentive to it...just like there is for them.