Friday, March 05, 2010

There's a clown named Chris Barrett at Salon

who apparently has control problems. Among other spewings,
...such vicious malcontents as James Inhofe and Tom Coburn, both from regressive and retrograde Oklahoma, need direct confrontation for the continued harm they do to America.
Hey, asshat, Oklahoma and Inhofe and Coburn aren't the ones with admiration for a type of politics that has led to more murder and misery over the last century than any other: you and your fellow 'progressive' fools are.

And, since you seem to have forgotten, the fascists were part of the socialist circle; YOUR circle, idiot.

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GuardDuck said...

Ohhh, how many times, when trying to explain to a progressive moron that the nazi's were socialists, would the moron would treat me like I was the one with a learning disability.