Friday, March 05, 2010

What level of dumbass is required...

Michael Eckert, 37, was charged in Comanche County on Thursday with a felony count of cultivation of marijuana and a misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Two rattlesnakes and "a menagerie of exotic vipers” were removed from Eckert’s home, said Rose Wilson, Lawton animal welfare superintendent.

All but two of the nine or 10 snakes are venomous, she said


Anonymous said...

Well, it would soon have been an easily-corrected problem via Darwin, if he (and the snakes) had been left alone:

Get high, get stupid, get bit, get dead. End of problem.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Meant to make that a SELF-correcting problem.


Anonymous said...

Coupla years ago a family down the street had a house fire. When the firefighters went in they found a large terrarium belonging to their fifteen year old son with about a dozen snakes in it. One of the firefighters discharged a ten pound CO2 extinguisher into it, killing all the snakes in just a few minutes. The family threw a blue-eyed fit, hired a shyster and filed several lawsuits. The City had the snakes identified. There were sixteen, all were venomous, two were kraits, for which there's no antivenin in North America. There was a pretty good hell raising locally, ending up with the idiots being foreclosed on and moving. I found out later that that the city informed the lending institution that no fire services would be provided at that address and why, so if the house caught fire again, it was safer just to let it burn. The lending institution called the loan. Stupidity should hurt.

Gerry N.

Firehand said...

If I recall, import of things like kraits is pretty restricted: wonder how they'd have reacted to the police and National Wildlife and Customs people showing up with pointed questions?