Thursday, January 07, 2010

In the discussion of the other reason- currently- to tell Arnold

to kiss our collective ass, is the latest mess he signed to screw over honest gun owners:
The way the bill is worded, they could be liable if ANY ammo related products, including speed loaders, magazines or stripper clips, are shipped to ‘prohibited persons’. This is beyond sending them a fax copy of your FOID card since you don’t need a license to own or purchase any of those things.

What kind of database would be required? What kind of evidence would the CA courts accept as ‘reasonable’? What is the burden of proof? How much would CTD have to spend in legal fees?

This is exactly what this law is designed to do. CTD and other ammo companies really have no other choice if they pay attention at all. CTD is going above and beyond by not selling to agencies as well.
I'd like to see every ammo company and every firearm manufacturer tell California "No ammo for you; not the PDs, not the SOs, not CHP. No pistols, no rifles, no shotguns. You don't want us to sell there, well, then we won't sell them to YOU, either."

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Anonymous said...

CDT, Barrett & one other company have made a good start. Let's hope others follow suit.
The only bad thing is that all this starts Jan 2011, lots of time for everybody to rush and stock up, making both the law and the protest meaningless -- for the first little while at the beginning, anyway. But later on . . . .

B Woodman