Thursday, December 31, 2009

So if getting money from Big Oil means your research is biased and crap,

then the CRU & Co. research is just a big steaming pile:
... The CRU was founded in 1971 with funding from sources including Shell and British Petroleum. At that time the supposed menace to the planet and to mankind was global cooling, a source of interest to oil companies for obvious reasons.

Coolers transmuted into warmers in the early 80s and the CRU became one of the climate modeling grant mills supplying the tainted data from which the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC ) has concocted its reports which have been since their inception – particularly the executive summaries -- carefully contrived political initiatives disguised as objective science. Soon persuaded of the potential of AGW theories for their bottom line, the energy giants effortlessly recalibrated their stance, and as of 2008 the CRU included among its financial supporters Shell and BP, also the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate and UK Nirex Ltd, a company in the nuclear waste business.
You will also note that James Hansen, one of the cheer leaders for global warming, was at one time funded by Enron.
No, I'm not sending this to that friend; she'd either blow a gasket, or throw back some kind of "But their funding is GOOD funding!" crap.

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