Friday, January 01, 2010

I wonder, is Army CID taking bully lessons from TSA,

or are there simply morons in both organizations?
The Army CID showed more interest in tracking down the electronic route of an unclassified document than tracking down Hasan’s connections with terrorism. One of us had all of his computers confiscated and the hard drive was copied by Army CID, just like the two bloggers in the TSA incident. He noticed that the screen names of the other two bloggers of TAH were on the search warrant - but neither was visited by CID.

So, apparently, this government is more interested in bullying bloggers to keep our traps shut than they are in keeping us safe from terrorists.

Expect more on this story in the future.

I would imagine so

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Anonymous said...

It can't be that big of a deal if Army CID is investigating. They are a bunch of clowns.