Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Over in Iran, a couple of things

in this report: first, note this:
* Hospitals throughout Iran filled with wounded. There are also reports by hospital staff and specifically the Imam Khomeini hospital in Tehran that corpses are being removed by order of the public prosecutor’s office. Staff have been threatened that any report of such incidents would lead be met with severity.
Fairly standard with these people, they've done it before to hide the number of casualties.

Now, down in the 'official' casualties list, note these two:
  1. Name unknown, 31 (the regimes security forces claimed that this individual was killed due to knife wounds from plain clothes agents and his name is as of yet unknown!)
  2. Unknown woman, 43 (this woman was tossed over a bridge by plain clothes agents of the regime)
Nice people working for the Iranian regime, aren't they?
You know, if things do flat blow, there's going to be a LOT of payback going on.

Found this, too:
Iranian regime-run news agency Fars reports: Gholam-Hossein Elham, official spokesman of the Iranian government announced that during the period of privatization, the Basij militia should do everything to take over factories and the industry sector in Iran. a time like this, we must prevent our capital and trade from falling into the hands of monopolists and financial captains.
Well, 'privatization' by government thugs to keep actual business people from running businesses; no wonder Obama is soft on these clowns, he likes some of their ideas.

Speaking of Obama...

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