Friday, January 01, 2010

But I thought 'gun buy-back' programs were supposed to pay

for guns?
Upon further review, however, I changed my mind.

In light of this photo of the "assault weapons" that accompanied the article, I have now come to the conclusion that the LAPD just used taxpayer money to pay some enterprising young man "thousands of dollars" for some really fancy scrap metal.

If nothing else, you'd think the missing charging handles would be a clue...


Keith said...

I kow a place with a couple of die sinking pantographs for sale

at $100 a die casting, it'll pay better than making toy cars


Anonymous said...

In the rarified atmosphere occupied by the true GFW, anything remotely gun shaped is equivalent to a real gun.

Gerry N.

Mattexian said...

Makes me wanna wire a metal pipe onto a rough-carved 2x4, call it a shotgun, and get me a gift card!