Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This does seem to sum up the Napolitano mindset

rather well:
From the same Fox report above, what her Sunday statement actually reveals is her attitude toward Homeland Security. To Napolitano, it’s the bureaucratic shuffling that takes place after an incident that matters most. Unfortunately, that jibes with the policing, or criminal law, approach also advocated by Obama. Fighting terrorism is not a proactive military quest with this group, it is a reactive policing affair. What that doesn’t do is put America’s security first in our global battle with radical religious terrorists who seek to do America and Americans great harm and cause a large number of our deaths:

I think the important thing to recognize here is that once this incident occurred, everything happened that should have. … We trained for this. We planned for this.

That someone who thinks this way is in charge at DHS is disgusting. And scary. I'm considering 'terrifying', too.

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DJMooreTX said...

I want her right where she is. Unfortunately, she's committed the ultimate sin of political appointees: she's inadvertently told the truth, exposing the means and ends of the department she runs, and the administration that appointed her.

Given the Obama administration, I want her out front often. I want people to see and hear what kind of people are in charge. I want their goals and policies clearly enunciated.

Janet does a fine job of that. Let's not replace with some bland smooth talker.