Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And San Francisco progressives find out that 'fighting global warmering'

has costs. Isn't that amazing?

Never been there, have talked to a lot of people who've traveled through and lived there, and the cost of living in SF is bloody unbelievable. Few years back a lady(ballet dancer) who occasionally came to folk dance was offered a place in a company in SF. Couple of months later I asked about her and the lady she'd corresponded with said "Oh, she loves it! She and her parents flew out and finally found her an efficiency apartment to stay in, but it's kind of expensive." "How expensive?" "$1400 a month, and they were lucky to find it." "!!!>!!?!" That's about three times more per month- for a tiny little efficiency- than I'm paying for my house here in OK. From what I've read SF discouraged new buildings- apartments and such- and the consequence of that is very high costs and people living outside the city and having to commute. Now, due to playing "We must Stop Globular Warmering even if it's not real!", Californicated- and cities like SF in particular- are going to, if anything, make the problem worse. Nice going, morons.

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