Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well, if UC-San Diego has so much free cash they can do

this, then obviously there's some money to be saved by cutting their budget; I mean, if this money was needed for actual school costs that's how they'd spend it, right?

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markm said...

I'm quite in favor of making it easier for illegal immigrants to find water when they discover that walking across the desert isn't so easy. We just have to present the water in the proper context - something like a live bear trap, with whatever improvements are necessary so humans who may be more than a little smarter than the average bear from getting out.

Put a cluster of traps around a 200 foot tower, with a blue flashing light and a loudspeaker announcing "Water" in 15 different languages. When the traps are full, load them up as deck cargo on a ship headed for southern Mexico.